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Phi Phi Island Tour From Phuket

Join Simba Sea Trips’ highly-rated Phi Phi Island tour from Phuket and experience the spectacular islands in all their glory. Considered by many to be the most desirable tourist destination in all of Thailand, our boat tour gets you there ahead of the crowds so you can soak in the surroundings in ultimate comfort.

We provide you with the chance to see everything within the region that you desire, all in the comfort of our fully-maintained speedboat that is guaranteed to get you there in record time! Cruising past the coral reefs, stunning cliffs and many other eye-opening sights (including Maya Bay) in ultimate comfort really does make all the difference.

While six islands make up this region, we centre our Phi Phi islands adventure on the two main islands that are world-famous for their natural beauty and provide maximum value for money. Why waste valuable time on the islands that don’t provide the most eye-opening experience? It is, for this reason, that we journey to Phi Phi Don, the largest island, and a destination that provides incredible swimming, diving, and snorkeling opportunities in the shadows of some of the most spectacular surroundings you’re likely to witness.

In addition to Phi Phi Don, we focus our attention on Phi Phi Leh, the smaller of the two main islands, and home to Maya Bay. This cozy bay is world-famous for its serene beauty and has recently reopened and is finally welcoming back crowds following a lengthy period of closure.

During our Phi Phi Island Tour, you will have plenty of opportunities to dive into the idyllic turquoise waters of the islands as well as we put the anchor down and allow you to get maximum value for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. So don’t delay, join us on the most intimate Phi Phi Island tour. Book in advance via our website to ensure you get your seat!

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Our speedboat tour of the Phi Phi Islands is one of our most famous sightseeing tours and, as our thousands of 5 star reviews attest, is an experience guaranteed to satisfy. Each and every day Simba Sea Trips provides guests with the ability to discover the wonders of the Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh islands in the most relaxing way imaginable.

The Phi Phi island tour from Phuket spans the entire day starting with a spectacular sunrise* and is jam packed with amazing activities and highlights. Consider our speedboat your gateway to blue horizons and unforgettable scenery.

Duration: Approximately 7-8 hours on the water with plenty of time to relax while also stocking up on photos for your Instagram feed, stories and reels.

*Please note: We cannot guarantee you will see the Sunrise on each trip and the timings for sunrises do vary. Also, cloudy days can make it difficult to see the sunrise.

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Phi Phi Island Tour’s first glimpse of magic - Maya Bay

Phi Phi Maya Bay has been a “must see location” for the majority of Thailand tourists for decades and as such, suffered from its overuse. Thankfully the National Park prohibited from 2018 to the end of 2021, any boat from dropping anchor in the bay and alighting at the beach, to allow the gorgeous coral island treasures, wildlife and environment time to recover. Fully recovered, Maya Bay is now open for business once more and keen to show off its beauty to a whole new audience.

At Simba, you will be one of the first boats to arrive at this awe-inspiring bay to enjoy placing the first footprints of the day into its fine white sand beach.  Breakfast will be served here on the beach.



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Phi Phi Sunrise - 6am to 3pm

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What better way to see the incredible Phi Phi Islands than on a tour with Simba Sea Trips? The most glowing feedback we receive from our satisfied guests is the high-quality of the tour and the appreciation for getting to the desirable locations before everyone else. It is the freedom to experience the region in the absence of crowds that makes our Phi Phi island tours book out quickly. So why not join us on our next trip to the Phi Phi Islands and experience for yourself the most relaxing tour available in Phuket.

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