Koh Chang is largest island in Ao Thai and the second largest one in Thailand to Koh Phuket. You will be appealing by its nature and attractions, splendid beach, the crystal sea and high waterfall, for instance. Consequently, taking a day off at Koh Chang is worth doing.

 Now a days, travelling to Koh Chang is more convenient. From Bangkok you can drive by your own self  or take a bus and then crossing the sea by large ferryboat. As the boat is size is large, you can take your own car on it to Koh Chang. Furthermore, having a ride on a bike or motorbike around the island by yourself is convenient as the road network is complete. But you should aware of the route that is repairing and steep,  especially the road between Ao Supparod and White Sand Beach and between Ban Kai Bae and Ban Bang Bao.

 There are a various styles of accommodation here, particularly in the area of popular beach. You can choose to stay in a hotel or bungalow. A grocery is plenty and in the future there is an upward trend in its amount. Recently, many pubs and bars have run their business along White Sand Beach and at the center of Had Kai Bae.

 Koh Chang is welcome you all the year because of its unchangeable weather. In cool season the sky is bright and clear. In summer it is hotter, so diving and visiting orchards are very exciting. Although it is raining after summer, rainy season, you still can go to Koh Chang and its famous water-splendid waterfall.


White Sand Beach: This ivory beach is long and smooth and therefore is safe for swimming. With its exquisite scenery and convenient location, it is very popular among Thai and foreigners alike.

Had Klong Prao: The main attraction of this beach is rows of coconut trees and a serene atmoshere. It is the longest beach on the island, suitable for swimming, except the rocky area near Chatyachet Cape.

Had Kai Bae: A short beach adjacent to Kad Klong Prao, this sandy white beach is quite and highly preferred tourists. It is suitable for swimming, sunbathing or rafting. Another advantage is the variety of cheap hotel located on the beach.

Ao Bai Lan: Along the concrete road form Had Kai Bae to Bang Bao Village, you will impressed by Ao Bai Lan, the one kilometer beach.

Ao Klong Son: is situated beyond Sapparod Pier on the head of the island that you can take a minibus to reach there. Coconut trees are standing along the road as local people still live in the traditional way.

Had Sai Yao: it is situated on Ao Salakphet which you have togo on board only to visit. Since this beach is embraced by thick forest and coconut garden, nomad will love this beach by heart. As Had Sai Yao is not connect to other beaches and there is only one resort the atmosphere is very quiet.

Salakphet Village: situated in the south of the island. It belongs Ao Yai and is surrounded by mountain ridge. Sometimes Ao Salakphet became the sanctuary for fishermen when the weather is capricious as there are islands at the front.

Ban Rong Tan: the small village in Ao Salakphet is beyond Ban Salakphet. This village is called like this, Bang Rong Tan, because in the past most Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants aporduced coal from mangrove plant.

Ban Salakkok: it is considered to be the large source of food product of Koh Chang and the site of fishermen community as sometimes Ban Salakkok became the sanctuary.

Ban Klong Son: is the samall village far from Ao Sapparod around 2-3 kilometer it is devided into two parts, Ban Klong Son Bon and Ban Klong Son Lang. Most people do agriculture such as rubber garden or orchard and fishery.

Ban Bang Bao: this village's fame depends upon its inexpensive accommodation and appetizing fresh seafood. SInce most people here are fishermen, this village is called Ban Pramong Bang Bao.