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Attraction on Koh Chang Thailand

Beach on Koh Chang
Koh Chang owns several kinds of beaches and bays The most outstanding beaches which a lot of tour is love to visit are Had Sai Khao (White Sand Beach), Had Klong Prao, and Had Kai Bae.

Had Sai Khao (White Sand Beach)

This ivory beach is long and smooth and therefore is safe for swimming. Its frame is based on delicate white sand along the 6-kilometer beach. You can swimming here, but wearing a life jacket is needed, as the slope of the beach is not smooth. The accommodation on Had Sai Khao (White Sand Beach) is outnumber the resort or hotel at other places. Each building here is very closed to the other one and built in various styles, Foreign people are the major tourist on this beach. At night Had Sai Khao (White Sand Beach) is very lively as many pubs, bars, restaurant open along the road. Furthermore, the resort has provided the sea view boat selling fresh seafood like shrimp, crab and fish.

Had Klong Prao

The main attraction of this beach is rows of coconut trees and a serene atmosphere. It is the longest beach on the island, suitable for swimming, except the rocky area near Chaiyachet Cape. Had Klong Prao is far from Ao Sapparod Pier about 12 kilometer. It is the great viewpoint for admiring sunset but is not suit for swimming. However, you can swim and playing sport on Had Klong Prao. Accommodation here is not crowded as it is at Had Sai Khao therefore you get more chance to rest in private bungalow or resort. One thing you should do when you arrive is tHad telling your destination, the resort name to the driver. If not you will have to walk to the resort because every resort is not situated on the road. The minibus fare from Dan Kao Pier to Had Klong Prao is 40 Baht per person. Besides, riding a bicycle or taking a minibus to Klong Plu Waterfall which far from Had Klong Prao 3 km. is fun as well.

Had Kai Bae

It is the 15 kilometers beach beyond Had Klong Prao which foreign tourists love to visit and sunbathe. Had Kai Bae slightly slopes into the sea so you can make sure tHad swimming is safe. Over here the resort and bungalow are plenty but not crowded. it's rate ranges from the reasonable cost to the high one like Sea View Resort at the end of Had Kai Bae. The center of Had Kai Bae is Kai Bae Beach which many groceries, restaurants taverns and rental motorbike shops run their business. It is also the station of minibus tHad can take you to other beaches or bays. If you want to dive in the neighboring areas like Koh Yuak, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai, you should buy a package tour from the resort and restaurants. In the twilight do not miss the scenic view of sunset. At night Had Kai Bae will be more colorful by the liveliness of restaurants and pub. For one who enjoys eating seafood, many sea view seafood restaurants are waiting for you.

Ao Bai Lan

Along the concrete road from Had Kai Bae to Bang Bao Village, you will impressed by Ao Bai Lan, the one kilometer Beach. Swimming and resting in bungalow are possible especially for solitude lovers. Beyond this beach is Had Tha Nam which you can visit by driving. (In the past you would have to walk only) Over here, the beach was made from rock so you cannot swim. There is bungalow which cost 200 Baht per night such as Lonely Beach, Many buildings are built from timber and their roof stretch into the rock beach. Surprisingly, enjoy your meal in Thai style dinning lounge.

Bang Bao Fishing Village

This fishing village is built in the sea, with wooden fridges linking each house together. The villages make a living by fishing and catching the plentiful soft cuttlefish. This island is also a major source of "Kapi" or shrimp paste, together with fresh and dried seafood. Home-stay type accommodation is available for tourists who want to savor an authentic taste of village life. How to get there: Ban Bang Bao Village is situated at the end of the road in front of the island. It is enclosed by a mountain which beyond Had Kai Bae 10 km. At present you can drive to this village on one way concrete road or take a minibus from Dan Kao Pier.

Thanmayom Waterfall

Location: Situated near Thanmayom Pier. Its gateway is at the back of the office of Mu Koh Chan National Park. Then walking along the concrete route about 400 meters to waterfall.
How to get there: For travel by boat you have to go on board at Thanmayom Pier at 1 p.m. It will take time 30 minutes and costs 30 Baht.
Where to stay & Where to eat: A camping near Thamayom Waterfall is interesting and safe because there is the office of Royal Forest Department in this area. If you bring your own tent, you will pay only 20 Baht/ night/ person. If not, you can rent a tent from the office. For small tent (2-3 persons) and for a large one (4-5 persons) it costs 400 Baht. Do not miss the sunrise in the morning, then roaming Thanmayom Waterfall (all day). After tHad enjoy swimming in the evening.

Klong Plu Waterfall

Klong Plu Waterfall is the popular waterfall of Koh Chang as it is not far from Had Klong Prao or Had Kai Bae and convenient to visit. Therefore, people of various ages love to come.
Location: Situated far Had Klong Prao 3 km. Go along the road to Had Kai Bae and turn left at the sign of Klong Plu Waterfall. Then go straight on 2 km, you will reach The Ranger Unit (Klong Plu) first, after tHad continues walking for 20 minutes (400 meters) to the waterfall.

How to get there: Taking a minibus from Dan Kao Pier (40 Baht per one) or riding a rental bike to Klong Plu Waterfall.